Awning Frames

Awning Frames

BH Awning’s expert team will work with you to determine which frame works best with your solution. The extruded aluminum frames we utilize in awnings, canopies and other structures are engineered to provide high strength-to-weight ratios to maximize material life and performance.

Choosing the optimal framing materials for each project is based on the relationship with the fabric, computer aided design, desired shape and structural requirements. BH Awning will advise you on the selection of framing materials, optimizing the structural design, addressing aesthetic aspects, installation techniques and specifications.

Our frame system options include:

  • Steel Stitch Frame System – Staple awnings revolutionized the fabric awning industry replacing the long practice of using needle and thread with steel staples. BH Awning is an authorized Steel Stitch manufacturer.
  • Lace and Grommet System with Steel Frame – When steel is the preferred or recommended material for an awning or canopy, we incorporate a traditional lace and grommet system. We use high-strength, lightweight mechanical tubing that is cold-formed providing high yield tensile strength values. This tubing possesses a triple coating that consists of a hot-dip flow coat of zinc galvanizing, a conversion layer and a clear polymer coating.

“We needed tough, we needed fast, and we needed it right the first time. BH came through for us.”