Commercial Awnings


BH Awning provides the largest variety of solutions for your business. Awnings are at the core of what we do, offering protection and function while adding beauty and curb appeal to entrances, patios, windows and more. Our experienced team will work with you to choose the best solution for you from our diverse assortment of awning styles, including fabric and metal options.

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Types of Awnings


Shed, or traditional, awnings are among the most popular choices if a simple, traditional design is desired. They work well on an array of architectural style buildings. The sloped surface ‘sheds’ water away from doors and windows, protecting them and customers from rain and snow. They also provide a cooling and energy saving shade without visual obstruction.


Convex awnings have a large area that provides protection from weather elements for your customers and storefront, while giving your business nice visual appeal. Convex is a popular choice when a backlit awning with graphics is desired.


Dome awnings have a classic, sculpted shape, adding elegance to any door or window. The beauty of the dome awning lies in its curvature of both vertical and horizontal planes, resulting in a soft, engaging appearance. It’s the perfect complement to either curved or straight architectural features.


Barrel style awnings feature a unique, rounded design that can complement buildings with curved features as well as square or angled lines. The rounded shape diverts rain and snow to the side of a walkway. For longer walkways, a canopy with a longer projection will provide extra protection from the elements. This style can also be designed with removable side panels for additional protection during rainy, cold or snowy times of the year.


Whether it is a traditional shed, dome, convex, gable or barrel style, a backlit awning can attract attention to your business around the clock. They are typically covered in commercial vinyl specifically made to be translucent and show its bright color both in daylight and at night. Backlit awnings can be constructed using the style that will best suit the architecture of your commercial building.

Elongated Dome

An elongated dome awning showcases the sculpted design and elegance of a dome awning with the curved element of a convex awning. It can be used to cover a wide horizontal area, such as a series of several windows, a sliding door, French doors or a doorway with side windows. The wide span offers protection from sunlight and the elements for wider spaces and can be a handsome addition to many architectural styles.


Similar in style to a traditional shed awning, a concave awning offers protection from the sun, rain and snow, while adding a delicate touch to any window or door. The inward curve beautifully complements the architecture of almost any business and creates a distinct and elegant presence that stands out from any surrounding.

A-Frame / Gable

A-Frame, or gable awnings, unique shape complements a peaked structure or triangular façade, however, works nicely with any commercial architectural design. The face of an A-Frame offers a large surface for graphic use to further highlight your business. This style of awning sheds rain and snow off the sides, keeping your business entrance clear. It can also be designed with removable side panels or doorway, providing customers with additional protection.


Retractable awnings block damaging UV rays and keep outdoor spaces shady and comfortable. We have a variety of colorful fabrics to add style to your business. Installing a motorized retractable awning helps to cover an outdoor area quickly with the push of a button. Just as easily, your awning can retract, when you prefer extra light or a more open feel to a deck or patio.


Installing interior awnings to your commercial space presents a unique way to bring outdoor elements of your business inside. It provides continuity of your branding both inside and out. The look and style of various types of awnings can enhance and bring attention to the interior of your restaurant, bar or retail space. Interior commercial awnings also provide additional opportunities for signage and graphics.


Awnings on the exterior of a restaurant offer a wide range of benefits. In addition to providing protection from the sun, rain and snow, many styles of awnings also give large surfaces for graphics helping to build brand awareness and attract new customers. Awnings can be used to protect or enhance doorways and windows, shade windows or outdoor shopping areas, as well as add color and style.

Standing Seam Metal

Standing seam awnings have a bold, contemporary look that complements a wide array of architectural styles. They offer all the benefits of a fabric covered awning including protection from the sun, rain and snow. Aluminum standing seam panels can be used with a variety of awning styles and provide a colorful and long-lasting alternative to fabric covered awnings.

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