Commercial Canopies


BH Awning offers a large assortment of canopies and tents for commercial applications, including shops, offices, restaurants, bars and more! We provide a variety of standard and custom designs in several fabric and metal options. Our solutions can be temporary, semi-permanent and permanent structures depending on the situation or setting.

Whatever you’re looking for – We’ve got you covered!

Types of Canopies

Hanger Rods

Hanger rod canopies are a great choice for storefronts, shopping centers, restaurants, office buildings and schools. They can be designed with corrugated decking to protect entryways, loading docks and windows from rain and snow, or with louvered blades that provide passive shade protection for windows on storefronts and offices. Hanger rod canopies, made from extruded or roll-formed aluminum, are rust and maintenance free, designed with high load capacities. They are available in a variety of designs and colors to complement any architecture style.

Metal Deck

Metal deck canopies provide a clean, contemporary look for storefronts, offices and other commercial properties while providing protection from the sun, rain and snow. Integrated gutter systems with downspouts or scuppers divert water away from doorways and windows.

Mapes Metal

Mapes Architectural Canopies has been manufacturing specialty architectural products since 1952. They have become the leading manufacturer of high load aluminum canopies, aluminum walkway covers and sun control louvers by evolving to meet the changing needs developers and architects. Mapes offers a wide variety of profiles, shapes, curves and an almost unlimited color palette in any architectural finish.

The economical, roll-formed Lumishade and extruded aluminum Super Lumideck have set the standard for metal canopies and metal awnings, while the SuperShade canopies help reduce solar impact and provide economical design options for any passive solar condition. Canopies are available in cantilever, hanger rod or post supported designs to meet your architectural needs.


The Mapes Lumishade canopy is an economical and highly versatile canopy system. The roll-formed decking offers a high-load capacity, and the modular design and pre-assembled sections allow for easy installation. This functional canopy provides stylish protection from the elements, standing the test of time, while keeping you on budget.


The Super Lumideck canopy is an all-extruded, pre-engineered canopy designed for high-load architectural applications. Square, corrugated decking provides long-term strength and durability. A variety of fascia profiles and attachment methods deliver ultimate design versatility, while keeping installation simple.


Mapes SuperShade is a line of passive sun control products that can be used to manage the impact of the sun. The hanger rod design allows it to be integrated seamlessly with Lumishade or Super Lumideck solid deck canopies. SuperShade sun control products are pre-engineered for most wall conditions, providing economical design options for any building style.


Mapes cantilever canopies are specially engineered with support brackets that offer a cleaner sightline and a more minimalistic look. Cantilever supports are available for the Super Lumideck, Lumishade or SuperShade style canopies. Deck profiles can also be combined with different fascias to complement any design style.


Mapes canopies are available in a wide variety of custom profiles. Horizontal or vertical curved fascia can be designed to accent many different architectural styles. Designs with multiple or converging hanger rods can be used to create visual interest or where limited wall support is available.


Post supported walkway covers provide an economical, pre-engineered option for both free standing and wall mounted applications. The extruded aluminum Super Lumideck is designed to meet local building codes for snow and wind loads, while providing a high strength protective cover with a minimum of support structure.

Metal Shade

Metal canopies are perfect for providing shade for patios, decks, and outdoor seating areas as well as shading windows and storefronts from direct sun. A louvered canopy will provide shade for a sunny area while giving it an open and airy feel, while a canopy with a solid deck will provide complete sun protection for your outdoor space.

Arched Metal

Arched metal canopies give a high profile, modern and sophisticated look to storefronts, shopping centers, office buildings, parking garages and other commercial buildings. An arched canopy can complement architecture with curved features or make a grand statement over an entryway, while protecting your customers and your storefront from the elements.

Walkway Metal

Metal walkway canopies, whether straight or curved, provide a sturdy long-lasting structure with a refined, modern look that complements many contemporary styles of architecture. Hanger rod, cantilever or post supported metal canopies are a great choice for protecting long walkways between buildings or leading up to an entrance.

Metal Fascia

Metal canopies are a popular choice for retail stores, office buildings, hotels, churches, schools, restaurants and other businesses wanting a sleek, contemporary look. Metal fascia canopies can have a solid deck with an interior gutter system to protect doorways and windows from rain and snow or can be constructed with a louvered deck to provide shade for windows and patios. We offer a variety of finishes in standard or custom colors and designs, including hanger rod, cantilever or post supported canopies.


A patio cover makes your deck or patio more inviting and comfortable for dining, entertaining or relaxing outside. Unlike a retractable awning that only provides sun protection, a patio canopy is designed with an aluminum frame and will protect your outdoor space from not only full sun, but also rainy or windy weather, making your outdoor space more useable. Side panels or curtains can be added for extra protection from unseasonable weather and to extend your outdoor season.

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