Commercial Shade Solutions

Shade Solutions

BH Awning offers solutions that provide shade for businesses.

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Types of Shade Solutions

Shade Sails

Shade sails offer an extremely durable and long-lasting alternative to traditional awnings and shade structures. Utilizing an extensive variety of fabrics, shapes and sizes, shade sails are installed using different elevations to create a modern, sleek, innovative look for your deck, patio or other outdoor space.

Sunshade Louvers

Metal sunshades and louvered canopies add a unique and decorative element to your business. They provide shade for doors and windows on office buildings, restaurants, schools and more.

Tensile Fabric Structures

Tensile fabric structures are unique and beautiful structures that utilize fabric put under tension with wires or cables to create a striking aesthetic element. They can be used in a wide variety of functions such as patios, atriums, restaurants, zoos, school campuses, stadiums, amphitheaters, parks, playgrounds and more. A fabric tension structure is also admired because of its functionality, adding to the artistic ambiance of your space while providing cover from the elements.

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