BH Awning has a wide assortment of Banners and similar products providing identification, branding, decoration, and enhancement capabilities for residences, businesses, and organizations. A variety of items in a spectrum of colors including ornate and functional banners, pleated full fans, and bunting are available.

With graphic design capabilities custom lettering, logos, and branding can be created on most materials to accommodate whatever it is you want to enrich or showcase. We have the ability to create any design or banner item that you can imagine. In addition, we have a catalog of standard and traditional banner selections.

Contact BH Awning today for banners or related products for your home, business, or other environments. Banners can get the message out as well as deliver some visual enhancements with some decorative items. Any of these can be combined or incorporated with other awning, canopy creations to compliment or boost your overall project or setting.

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