As a successful business owner, you understand the importance of providing potential customers with a good first impression of your business and the excellent service you provide. A well-maintained storefront that includes commercial awnings can help generate this lasting effect helping attract potential customers. Additional benefits of commercial awnings and canopies include building your brand, reducing energy costs, and protecting your property.

BH Awning offers a complete line of fabric and metal awnings, canopies, enclosures, shutters, louvers, sails, and other products to a spectrum of commercial customers. These include offices, stores, shops, restaurants, bars, studios, salons, condominiums, and apartment complexes. Businesses utilize these items to provide shade, protection, security, privacy, and cost savings for the buildings and along their property.

We craft each of these pieces from the finest material such as canvas and vinyl available in an assortment of colors and frames with standard and custom size options. Company logos and lettering is available with our graphic design capabilities on most of the commercial articles to enhance an organization’s brand.

Contact BH Awning today to share your vision or work with us to create a design to get the most effective awning or other structure for your business. Our knowledgeable staff and nearly one hundred years of being in business provides us with the experience to deliver what you want, need, and ultimately appreciate.

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