Bright sun can quickly damage and fade your business interior and valuable inventory or make an outdoor seating area uncomfortable for your customers. A commercial Retractable Awning can help block damaging UV rays and keep your interior in great shape while providing the benefits of allowing you to control the brightness inside your business, keep the sun out of your customers’ eyes and help lower your utility bills in the summer. A variety of colorful fabrics can help add curb appeal, promotional value and usable square footage to your restaurant, shopping center, hotel, or storefront. With the push of a button, a motorized retractable awning can help you cover an outdoor area for a temporary retail display or provide cooling shade to your outdoor dining area or patio.

Just as easily, you can retract your awning in the case of inclement weather, when extra light or a more open feeling is desired, or to simply keep it protected it from dirt and the elements when not needed. Adding a retractable awning to your business is like adding square footage to your usable commercial space at a fraction of the cost of building an addition.