An Arched Metal Canopy is curved in vertical or horizontal planes to accommodate and accentuate a variety of architectural designs and feels. These meet all load requirements for any environment and models. The arched canopies are employed where wall support may be limited. Additionally, structures can be created through a variety of a componentry options including columns, horizontal supports, rafters, purlins, and selected skin systems.

Customers enjoy a high level of flexibility with the custom design and build capabilities that BH Awning provides for Arched Metal Canopies. A number of colors and coatings can be used along with lighting options for a tremendous amount of architectural value and appeal.

BH Awning can develop with you the Arched Metal Canopy you want and need to enhance your business and architectural aspect.

  • Branding and lighting is an option to further expand their usefulness

  • Maintains a high load

  • Used on storefronts, shopping centers, office complexes, and parking garages