Providing island charm, Bahama Shutters protect businesses, stores, restaurants, bars, condos, and apartment complexes from sun, wind, and rain while adding curb appeal to any building. These shutters are crafted for versatility, charm, and ease of use in opening and closing in a number of positions.

Available in a variety of materials including decorative aluminum and composite, these shutters are attached at the top of windows angling down over and protecting the window propped up at the base with one or multiple sturdy arms.

Even though the shutters are over the windows a solid view is still certain through the open shutters. The arms can be removed to close the shutters against the windows to lock down adding additional protection and security.

  • Offered in a spectrum of materials and colors

  • A variety of sizes including custom options are available

  • Adds flexibility, charm, and beauty to windows as well as the entire structure