Technical Information – Fabric

Fabric Color and Patterns:  We have countless fabric colors and patterns to choose from. Our experienced sales representatives will work with you to select the appropriate fabric for your awning. Samples are available for much of the material we carry.

Durability:  The fabric that BH Awning works with all have good abrasion resistance and typically lasts 5 to 15 years. The life of the material depends on many factors including the type of fabric, climate, and proper maintenance and care.

Fabric Warranty:  All of the fabrics carry manufacturer warranties as well as BH Awning directly. These warranties generally cover colorfastness, rot, and mildew. Warranties can be provided upon request.

Fabric Types:

Solution-dyed acrylic (Canvas) – Acrylic is a woven fabric that BH Awning began using in the early 1960’s. This is a generic name for mixtures of at least 85 percent acrylonitrile. The remaining 15 percent consists of a variety of additives including chemicals that provide UV light, mildew, and water resistance. The characteristics of the loose weave allows it to be highly breathable preventing hot air and moisture from being trapped under the material.

Vinyl-Coated Polyester This standard classification of fabric includes opaque and translucent colors. Vinyl-laminated polyesters are easy to clean; fire retardant; and resistant to UV light, mildew, and water. They are recommended for use in areas of sustained high humidity.

Acrylic-Coated Polyester – With a coating of acrylic rather than vinyl, this fabric is resistant to water, flame, tears, abrasion, and UV light. This is traditional awning fabric. Because of the cotton base of the material it is not recommended for use in areas of high humidity.